The Healthiest Pillow for Comfort, Rest and Well-Being

The Healthiest Pillow for Comfort, Rest and Well-Being

Why a Healthier Pillow?

When we founded Parallel Sleep, our Dream Team of sleep experts wanted to begin by introducing a product that could make the most significant difference possible for the health and well-being of our customers — with the minimum investment.
From our 50 years in the sleep business, manufacturing and selling directly to the people who used our products every night, we learned a lot. We learned that of all the sleep products you use, your pillow makes up to 75% of the total impact on your spinal alignment, your comfort and the overall quality of your sleep. More than your sheets, your blanket — even your mattress. 
We also knew exactly what was missing from the pillow market. With all the diverse, sometimes complicated and confusing choices out there, no one pillow achieved everything we knew was possible. So we created the Parallel Pillow with the goal of making it the healthiest pillow you could own.

In Summary: 

  • Sleep quality is essential to good health.
  • Poor sleep can lead to illness, disease and health consequences
  • A better pillow is the simplest, lowest-cost way to improve sleep quality
  • Proper pillow support aligns your spine and neck, preventing discomfort
  • Our sculptable “BFF” fill adapts as you change positions
  • High Profile or Low Profile versions to support any sleeper
  • TENCEL™ shell made from hypoallergenic, sustainable materials 
  • Keeps you at your ideal temperature, year-round
  • ParaPur™ stops microbes without nasty chemicals, for a healthier bed
  • Good karma = Buy One, We Give One to a person in need
  • Zero stress 90-night return window

The Immeasurable Value of Great Sleep

We’ve written before about the phenomenal impact your sleep quality can have on your immune system, performance, focus, body weight and mental health. 
Sleeping well has been shown to significantly reduce the likelihood of some cancers, Alzheimer's disease and dementia as well as cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. And your pillow plays a disproportionately big role in your overall sleep quality. 
While the first thing people remark about the Parallel Pillow is its Omigosh!-soft TENCEL™ cover, its combination of silky softness and sculptable support continue to impress and delight, night after night. It’s all right to judge this pillow by its cover, and we believe the healthiest pillow is one that welcomes you nightly to a world of restful sleep.

Never Too Hot or Too Cold

One of the most important factors to us in creating the healthiest pillow possible is thermal regulation. Most “cooling pillows” can feel icy cold, which may be fine on the hottest nights. But bedroom temperatures vary, and many people find themselves running hot and sweaty, then shivering from the cold.  And then hot again.
So we designed the Parallel Pillow to be temperature neutral, keeping you at your ideal temperature all night long, year-round. That TENCEL cover is better at wicking away moisture than bamboo, cotton or polyester. And our one-of-a-kind Blutech Fusion Fill (BFF) delivers double the airflow of conventional pillow fills. It’s not just an icy-feeling cover, but a complete thermal regulation system, in one amazing pillow.

A Healthy, Pain-Free Head and Neck

The alignment of your neck and spine are essential to a comfortable sleep. But most people move around a lot while they sleep — changing positions up to 40 times in a night. Our sculptable BFF lets you easily shape your Parallel Pillow for whatever position you like. If you’re a side sleeper (like three-quarters of the population), our High Profile Pillow is the one for you. And for for front and back sleepers, go with the slimmer Low Profile Parallel Pillow. (Either way, you can remove fill if needed, and we’ll send you extra fill (for free) if you need even more than the initial generous supply.)

Permanently Anti-Microbial. Because Germs Aren’t Healthy

A seldom-discussed thing about pillows is likely to disgust you. Microbiologists say a conventional pillow is a near-perfect medium for cultivating bacteria —moistened by sweat and drool and kept at the ideal temperature for long periods by a warm human body. 
That in mind, the Parallel Pillow’s inner cover is a game-changer for pillow hygiene. Its four-way-stretch weave is permanently infused with pure silver ions. The result is that bacteria, viruses and microbes are destroyed before they can multiply. We call it ParaPur™, and it's hypoallergenic, completely safe and highly effective for the lifetime of your Parallel Pillow. An essential part of what makes the Parallel Pillow the healthiest pillow you can own, ParaPur is also a natural barrier to dust mites, spores and odors.
No pesticides or harsh chemicals. No nanotechnology. Just safe, smart science, to keep you sleeping happily and healthily for years.

Good Karma 

If there’s something even better than restful, restorative, rejuvenating sleep, it’s feeling great about your choices. The Parallel Pillow is sustainably made, so you know you’ve minimized your impact on the environment. In addition to our sustainable TENCEL outer cover, the amazing BFF fill in each Parallel Pillow contains the upcycled material from up to 23 plastic bottles. 
And for every Parallel Pillow sold, we donate a pillow to a person in need. Because we believe good sleep and better health should be for everyone. By purchasing the healthiest pillow available, you’re not just helping yourself. You’re giving something incredible precious to another human being.
Finally, stress is linked to numerous health issues. Order your Parallel Pillow worry-free with our 90-night return window. Sweet Dreams!

Enjoy Optimal Health. And Look Forward to Amazing Sleep!

DISCLAIMER: While this article is based on more than 50 years of experience in helping people with their pillows, no part of it is intended to be taken as medical advice. Your health, sleep needs and pain situation are unique, and no pillow can guarantee better sleep, reduced pain or better health for every individual. Talk to a qualified healthcare provider about neck pain or any other health condition and follow their guidance specific to your situation. A pillow cannot resolve underlying conditions or treat serious health issues.

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