High and Low Profile Parallel Pillow comparison

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High Profile

For side sleepers and people with larger frames

Low Profile

For stomach sleepers, back sleepers and people with smaller frames

Melissa R. - Texas

"Finally! I've purchased so many pillows that were not my cup of tea! This one is very comfortable. The best I've tried in years."

Jason - North Carolina

"The best pillow i have ever owned and i have owned a lot. I love that they will send you extra fill for free if you want to make it thicker!! I sleep great with it! I stay cool all night!"

Kevin A. - Florida

I absolutely love this pillow! It gives me great support and you can feel the quality! How did I not know about this pillow earlier? Glad I found it! No more neck issues!!

Low Profile

High Profile


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The Pillow Your Sleep Deserves

Demonstration of the Parallel Pillow's supportive hybrid fill.
Icon for Parallel Pillow fill.

Supports and cushions like none other.

The Parallel Pillow has a fill unlike any other pillow. A hybrid of lofty fibers and two kinds of precision-cut memory foam, it:
• Doesn’t go flat, totally sculptable
• Is Hypoallergenic
• Is Ultra-breathable, 2X the airflow of conventional pillows
• Includes bio-based foam and upcycled fibers.

Learn more about our BluTech Fusion Fill (BFF)

Demonstration of the Parallel Pillow's adjustable fill for ideal neck alignment.
Icon for Parallel Pillow adjustable fill.

Infinitely adjustable fill for perfect support.

Add or remove fill for your ideal neck alignment. Available in two support profiles:
High Profile with extra thickness and loft for side sleepers
Low Profile for stomach and back sleepers
Easily sculpt your Parallel Pillow to adapt as you change positions.
Demonstration of the Parallel Pillow's temperature neutral feature.
Icon for Parallel Pillow temperature neutral feature.

Temperature neutral so it's never too hot or too cold.

Unlike cooling pillows, the Parallel Pillow feels just right year-round. Its layers work together to draw away moisture, breathe and keep you comfortable. No more pillow-flipping!
Icon for Parallel Pillow outer cover.

Unbelievably soft touch TENCEL™ outer cover.

Our Omigosh-Soft! TENCEL™ outer cover is:
• Machine washable
• Hypoallergenic
• Made from renewable bio-based materials
• Breathable
• Wicks moisture better than bamboo, polyester, synthetics or cotton.

Learn more about our TENCEL outer cover

Image showing Parallel Pillow beside AG graphic depicting the element Silver.
Icon for Parallel Pillow clean sleep.

Sleep clean, wake refreshed.

Anti-stink and antibacterial, the Parallel Pillow’s inner cover is embedded with silver ions keeping you naturally fresh and safe:
• Antimicrobial to stop odors, spores and dust mites
• Hypoallergenic
• Self-refreshing for a longer pillow life
• 4-way stretch for maximum sculptability

Learn more about our antimicrobial inner cover

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