The Naturally Anti-Stink Pillow: Designed to be Loved a Long Time

The Naturally Anti-Stink Pillow: Designed to be Loved a Long Time

Why an Anti-Microbial Pillow?
(And Why it Matters Even More Than You Thought) 

Pop quiz! How often do you wash your pillow case?

A) Weekly, like clockwork
B) Every two weeks
C) Monthly
D) I’m supposed to wash my pillow case?

No judgment here, so be honest. For most of us, it's nowhere near as often as we’d publicly admit. And it’s not uncommon, however gross, for people to wait until their pillow case becomes smelly or visibly discolored before throwing it in the wash.

But is that even safe?

The truth is, probably not. A study led by Dr. Arthur Tucker, a principal clinical scientist at Barts and the London NHS Trust, found that after only two years of use, up to 33% of a pillow’s weight is made up of dead skin, dust mites (both alive and dead), dust mite poop and numerous kinds of bacteria.

In response to these findings, Gabriel Scientific’s technical director Dr. Duncan Bain said, “If you had to come up with a medium to cultivate bacteria, besides a Petri dish, a pillow is pretty much as good as you can get. It is a wet sponge that absorbs bodily fluids of various kinds providing nutrients. It is kept at the ideal temperature by the warm body lying on top.”

Ew, ew, EW!

So, washing your pillow case frequently seems like a pretty important practice. 

Why washing isn’t enough

But is that nearly enough? I mean, all that disgusting stuff is still IN the pillow. One-third of a well-loved conventional pillow's weight is bits of you — and even grosser things living on them. Not the Parallel Pillow.

Putting your well-being first

In designing the Parallel Pillow, your health was top-of-mind for us. Sleeping well is one of the most consequential things you can do for your immune system, and we saw an opportunity to go farther. 

Wouldn’t the perfect pillow be safer and healthier as well as more comfortable? 

We thought so.

That was the inspiration for our ParaPur™ inner shell. Inside of every Parallel Pillow's Omigosh-soft! TENCEL™ outer cover is a breathable four-way-stretch, zippered shell that contains our unique BluTech Fusion Fill (BFF).

And that inner shell is where the ParaPur™ magic happens.

Eliminates germs, before they can get inside

It’s in fact amazing, proven science. Our ParaPur™ technology kills 99.89% of microbes in just 59 minutes, and keeps working continuously for the life of your Parallel Pillow. 

The fibers of the Parallel Pillow’s inner shell are permanently embedded with positively charged, pure silver ions. The silver ions are attracted to the DNA of negatively charged microbes. They disrupt the bacteria and viruses' respiration, cell division and replication processes, wiping them out entirely. 

Natural, inert—and amazingly effective 

Although completely inert when it comes to interacting with us humans, silver ions have this powerful, safe and natural anti-microbial effect. 

The result: bacteria, spores and microbes — all kinds of disgusting germs — don’t live to take up residence. It’s a highly effective self-refreshing barrier that protects you while keeping the Parallel Pillow’s fill germ-free. Without nasty chemicals.

Silver Ion Microbe Killing Para Pur Parallel Pillow

Stops dust mites too.

And those dust mites? In another study, a 99.9% reduction in the infestation of dust mites was achieved within 48 hours after a population of dust mites were simply placed on silver-treated fabric in an enclosed setting. 

Anti-stink and permanently self-refreshing

Silver ion technology is a science that has been effectively used in healthcare textiles, wound care and performance sports clothing. (The biggest concern so far has been that because sportswear with embedded silver always smells so fresh, some people stop washing it!)

Silver has been used to inhibit bacterial and microbial growth since 1300 BC. It’s now safely used in millions of products. And because the silver ions in the Parallel Pillow are permanently bonded to the inner cover’s fibers, that’s where they stay.

Safe and hypoallergenic 

And no need to be concerned about allergies. A lot of people think they’re allergic to silver because they’ve had contact dermatitis reactions to jewelry. But pure silver is hypoallergenic and it’s the nickel or copper mixed into silver objects that causes an allergic reaction — not the silver itself.

Smart science for hygienic, restful sleep

Now you know how we make the Parallel Pillow naturally self-refreshing and anti-stink. No pesticides or harsh chemicals. No nanotechnology. Just safe, smart science, to keep you sleeping happily and healthily, never losing sleep over the "ick" factor you can’t un-remember. (Sorry.)

Now, HOW long have you had that pillow? 🤔

Relax. We ship quickly, and offer a 90-night trial period with free returns. 

The Parallel Pillow.  Soft, sculptable, temperature-neutral, good to the environment — and naturally anti-stink.

When a pillow is this amazing, you want to love it for a long time!

The Word’s Kindest Pillow: Buy One, We Give One


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