Why We Made the Parallel Pillow

Why We Made the Parallel Pillow

You may be catching on now that Parallel is not just another sleep company.

We’re a startup and a family business, but we aren’t newbies. Our leadership team has over 50 years of experience manufacturing and selling sleep products directly to consumers.

Like 50-plus actual consecutive years, not that cute thing where you add up everyone’s tenure, including time spent dreaming about related stuff.

Meaning we’ve been immersed in helping people enjoy better sleep since the early 70s. ✌️

And so why start with a pillow, you might ask?

It’s because we know that if you want to change a single thing to make the biggest possible impact on a person’s sleep (and consequentially how they feel the next day and beyond) you’d offer them the best pillow that can be made. You’d make it affordable, and ship it for free.

But we also knew that finding the perfect pillow for every sleep type has never been easy to do.

If there’s one question we’ve been asked more than any other, it’s “What pillow should I get?”

And our answer has always had to be, “well, that depends.”

There’s a mind-numbing number of pillow options, and too often what’s right for one person doesn’t work for someone who on the surface seems similar. That was frustrating for us, and for customers.

But we DID know exactly what the best pillow in the world would look, feel and perform like.

It just didn't exist yet.

So we set out to create it.

That started with planning the perfect pillow “recipe,” layering the softest imaginable, wicking and washable outer cover over a naturally self-refreshing inner shell. And then generously stuffing in a hybrid fill that would be sculptable, huggable and supportive – with unmatched airflow. A tall order, and we geeked out on it for many months.


When we finally put all the best ingredients together, even we were amazed. Holding it, squeezing it, touching it, you know it’s unlike any other pillow.

And sleeping on it ... just dreamy.

We kept the variables for our customer minimal, to make the buying experience ridiculously easy.

You just decide if you want High Profile or Low Profile (based on your height and how you sleep) and pick the size that fits your bed — Standard or King.

The High Profile version is optimized for side sleepers and people looking for loftier head and neck support. And Low Profile is best for back and stomach sleepers, as well as people with smaller body sizes.

That’s what we call the Parallel Pillow.

And Parallel Sleep is the new US company that lovingly designed, assemble, sells and ships the Parallel Pillow, all right here in the fresh, mile-high Denver air.

And as a new company we wanted to do more than just sell stuff. (Even if that stuff is truly amazing!)

From decades of charitable partnerships with groups like the United Way and the Salvation Army, we knew that pillows are something displaced people always need. Think of individuals fleeing abusive relationships or kids in foster care, moved from home to home. Or unhoused adults and seniors, looking for a safe place to lay their head.

The thing we would see them all clinging to most tightly was their pillow — IF they were lucky enough to have one.

A pillow is like a personal companion. It encapsulates hope and comfort.

So for every single Parallel Pillow we sell, we donate a fresh, new pillow to a person in need. And as our customer, YOU make it possible.

The only way to fully understand how wonderful a Parallel Pillow is, is to experience one yourself. (Remember, even we were blown away when we first squeezed our prototypes. We still are!)

And to make your purchase completely worry-free, we give you a full 90 nights to try your Parallel Pillow.

But be warned: the hardest part is keeping other members of the household from stealing it.

Thankfully, there are plenty more where it came from!

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