Sustainable, Wicking and Omigosh–Soft: The Parallel Pillow's TENCEL™ Outer Cover

Sustainable, Wicking and Omigosh–Soft: The Parallel Pillow's TENCEL™ Outer Cover

When you hug a Parallel Pillow for the first time, expect to be in awe.

You’ll have already noticed what a gorgeous pillow it is. Whether it’s our streamlined Low Profile Pillow or plush High Profile Pillow with its signature parallel-gusset piping, every Parallel Pillow is meticulously stitched and assembled.

But touching one is an entirely special experience. The Parallel Pillow seems to hug you back, with its delightful combination of sculptability and gentle rebound. That’s our Blutech Fusion Fill (BFF), perfectly optimized to combine dual memory foam technologies with the buoyancy of a unique downy fluff spun from upcycled materials, altogether enabling twice the airflow of conventional foam fills. The interior of the Parallel Pillow is unlike anything you've experienced before, and yet it feels exactly right.

And it’s the pleasantly cool, exquisitely soft outer cover that gives the Parallel Pillow its remarkable touch.

“What IS this?” people always want to know as they stroke the flowing ridges against their cheek or fingertips.

Is it bamboo? Silk? Some new synthetic?

None of these — and much better. The answer is TENCEL™.

TENCEL Lyocell fibers are what we use to weave the Parallel Pillow’s Omigosh-soft! outer cover. TENCEL is a botanical-origin material, mainly made from renewable wood fibers harvested from certified and tightly controlled sources. TENCEL fibers are known for their environmentally closed-loop and carbon-neutral production process, which turns wood pulp into smooth cellulosic fibers.

Yes, wood. As humans, we can credit our survival and prosperity to its qualities and abundance. From our homes with the furniture and tools within them to the trees in our yards and green spaces, we possibly co-exist with wood more than any other natural material on earth. As a fuel, it has kept us warm and cooked our food for millennia. While its disposable use for paper might be considered wasteful, using wood for long-lasting, high-touch applications makes perfect sense. Wood fiber also happens to be very efficient as a raw material for making textiles, and replenishes quickly in a vast range of climates and soil conditions. From one field of farmed trees, we get ten times the amount of pulp as from the same field area of cotton!

And TENCEL has a higher vapor uptake capacity than cotton, helping it support your body’s own thermal regulation mechanisms. In fact, it wicks moisture better than bamboo, polyester, synthetics or cotton, keeping you at your ideal temperature throughout the night — year round. That’s something even the best cooling pillows can’t do.

Beyond its thermal regulation qualities, it’s delightfully gentle on skin. TENCEL Lyocell fibers are hypoallergenic and naturally ultrasoft: when viewed under an electron microscope they are radically smoother than other fibers. This gives them a distinctive suppleness and pliability, making it exceptionally wrinkle resistant, lightweight and durable.

Germophobes will love that bacteria dislike TENCEL. It's unaccommodating to microbial growth, so in conjunction with our ParaPur “anti-stink” antimicrobial inner lining, the Parallel Pillow is a clean, hygienic place to lay your head.

And finally, TENCEL Lyocell is biodegradable and compostable — enabling it to revert back to its place in nature after you’ve thoroughly enjoyed your Parallel Pillow.

TENCEL is an amazingly soft, sustainable and long-wearing material, which made it our choice for the outermost layer of every Parallel Pillow.

It’s just the prelude to the enjoyment that awaits YOU, as you discover the many delights of sleeping on the World‘s Kindest Pillow.

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