Is a Better Pillow Worth the Investment?

Is a Better Pillow Worth the Investment?

Parallel Pillows high loft and low loft stacked

$150 for a pillow? 😮

Folks ask that all the the time on our social channels. And it’s a fair question. 

(In reality, full price for our giant King version is slightly more, and with occasional discounts — be sure to sign up for those — can cost around $150. But it’s the ballpark we’re here to discuss.)

From a relative standpoint, we’re not talking about a huge amount of cash. The world’s most expensive pillow sells for around US $57,000. It’s custom-made and includes gold weave. We’ll agree that’s way over the top, which is sort of its raison d'être. Wealthy people buy it because they can.

$150 (ish) isn’t a big pile of money these days. A date night, food for a dinner party, a few bags of groceries, or a day out with the family can fall in the same range. The average price for a pair of jeans in 2023 was $178.71.

And when it comes to time spent with a purchase, life-changing benefits and lasting enjoyment, a pillow is in a whole other league compared to any of these things.

Time spent:

If you get in most people’s minimum sleep requirement of 8 hours a night, you spend about 3,000 hours a year being intimately close to your pillow. Multiply that by three years, and you’re at 9,000 or more hours.

Probably that surpasses the quality time you will derive from any other comparable in our price range by orders of magnitude, but let’s keep going…

Life-changing benefits:

How much difference can a great pillow make? The right pillow can relieve neck pain, improve overall sleep quality and encourage you to spend more time in bed. 

Being pain-free is truly priceless. And achieving better sleep has a growing list of proven and well-documented benefits, including a stronger immune system, sharper mental focus, improved memory, more energy and a better emotional state. When you’re at your most patient with the kids and killing it at your career, you've almost certainly had a good rest. And when you are not, your sleep may be suffering. Sleep is a proven factor in reducing the risk of Alzheimer's disease and dementia, cancer and other serious ills. Getting proper sleep makes you less likely to be the cause of a serious accident, and overall less inclined toward obesity. It is well worth pursuing anything that improves your sleep. 

Side sleeper loving pillow


One thing people tell us all the time is how much they LOVE the feel of their Parallel Pillow. It’s why we use the phrase, “It’s Almost Bedtime!” When you look forward to sleep and see it as a much-deserved reward, your enjoyment of that precious, rejuvenating and empowering experience goes way up.

You should enjoy your pillow. You absolutely deserve to. YOU are worth it — and much more!

We thought so. And we leveraged all of our 50+ years of experience in the sleep industry in designing the Parallel Pillow to deliver on each of these very important things. 

Parallel Pillow unique features

The Parallel Pillow’s gorgeous Omigosh-soft outer cover is made from TENCEL™ — the same material used in the cover of the world’s most expensive pillow we mentioned earlier. TENCEL is a smooth, soft, sustainably made, wicking material that feels amazing. Touching it is a joy. 

Our four-way-stretch ParaPur™ inner cover is permanently infused with pure silver ions, which naturally destroy microbes — without nasty chemicals. If you’ve read about what lives inside most pillows after even a short time, the value of a self-refreshing pillow makes great sense. It’s not just anti-germ but naturally self-refreshing and anti-stink.

And on the inside of a Parallel Pillow, even more magic happens. Our Blutech Fusion Fill (BFF) is one-of-a-kind, and has double the airflow of other pillow fills.

It contains two distinct kinds of precision-cut memory foam, plus a down-like material made from up to 23 up cycled bottles per pillow. Like our TENCEL outer cover, the dark memory foam is a USDA Certified Biobased Product. Our BFF is thermally neutral, and sculpts beautifully to give you unmatched comfort and support, regardless of your sleep position.

The Parallel Pillow won’t go flat and keeps you at the perfect temperature year-round: never too hot or too cold.

It doesn’t off-gas harmful VOCs or smell weird like other pillows — even premium ones — might.

The Parallel Pillow is also designed and lovingly assembled in the USA. It ships direct from our Colorado facility. We could cut costs substantially by having them made overseas and drop-shipped, but we’d rather employ Americans and deliver pillows to our customers quickly. 

And we’ve saved the best part for last.

With every Parallel Pillow sold, we donate a pillow to a person in need. It’s why the Parallel Pillow is the World’s Kindest Pillow: kind to you, kind to the environment and kind to other humans.

So, what is the value of a pillow that delivers thousands of hours of bliss, the benefits of better sleep, protects you from pillow-borne microbes, keeps you at the perfect temperature year-round — and gives a pillow to someone in need? 

When you spend around $150 on other things, what do you (and others) gain in return? 

Only you can answer that question.

Your answer will be based on your personal values, your budget, and your own priorities. Your answer is the right one — for you, right now.

And if you’d like to find out for sure by trying a Parallel Pillow, you can do it risk-free with our 90-night return window. (And yes, if you choose to send it back, we will still donate a pillow on your behalf.)

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