Sustainably Made Pillows You’ll Love — Inside and Out

Sustainably Made Pillows You’ll Love — Inside and Out

When we set out to create the Parallel Pillow, we agreed it had to outperform all existing pillows in every meaningful way. And naturally, it had to be a sustainably made pillow, from the inside out. 

The challenge was to achieve both goals without compromise. Some high-performance materials are not so good for the environment. And the most sustainably made pillows, using environmentally friendly textiles and sustainable biobased fill materials, were not necessarily the most comfortable or effective at all the things our vision of the world’s best pillow would have to achieve.

For ordinary R&D teams, it might not have been an attainable challenge.

Luckily, our sustainable pillow Dream Team was far from ordinary. With a half century of experience in the sleep business, and having sold literally millions of pillows one by one, we had the technical knowledge, the industry connections and the vision to achieve something amazing.

Sustainably made pillow inside and out

Go Ahead And Judge Us By Our Cover:
Our Sustainably Made Pillow Cover

If you’ve ever touched a Parallel Pillow, the first thing you noticed was probably how incredibly soft it was. What was less obvious, perhaps, was that the fabric was sustainably made. Under a microscope, TENCEL fibers reveal their astonishing smooth structures.

TENCEL is a botanical-origin material, made from renewable wood fibers harvested from certified and tightly controlled sources. From one field of farmed trees, we get ten times the amount of pulp as from the same field area of cotton. TENCEL fibers are also known for their environmentally closed-loop and carbon-neutral production process. TENCEL wicks moisture better than bamboo, polyester, synthetics or cotton and offers tremendous airflow in a sustainably made pillow.

The comfort and touch is so luxurious that TENCEL is what’s used for the cover of the world’s most expensive pillow. On our outer cover, we perfected the cushioning, breathability, wicking and unbelievably soft touch.

It’s cooling when the weather is hot, but never feels cold. It’s long-wearing, lightweight and durable, as well as biodegradable and compostable. And you’ll probably agree that we’ve styled our TENCEL pillow cover to look gorgeous.

Naturally Anti-Germ, Anti-Dust-Mite & Anti-Stink:
Sustainably Made Pillows Without Nasty Chemicals

Customers love what the our ParaPur™ inner pillow cover achieves for them behind the scenes. It’s Anti-Germ, Anti Dust Mite and Permanently Anti-Stink. The magic happens through bonding inert silver ions to the four-way-stretch polyester fibers. Pure silver is hypoallergenic and completely safe.

It also enables us to create a sustainably made pillow that destroys germs, including bacteria and viruses as well as spores and dust mites. Our ParaPur™ technology kills 99.89% of microbes in just 59 minutes, and keeps working continuously for the life of your Parallel Pillow.

Up to 23 Upcycled Bottles Per Pillow:
Our Doubly Sustainable Pillow Fill

There are several unique things going on in the Parallel Pillow’s supportive, sculptable Blutech Fusion Fill (BFF). Our BFF is 25% microfiber and 75% precision-cut memory foam by weight. The fiber part is made from upcycled plastic water bottles: up to 23 of them going into the most popular version of our sustainably made pillow, the High Profile King. Our dark memory foam is a USDA Certified Biobased product, and both foam components are made without ozone depleters, formaldehyde or phthalates and can be recycled after use. And like our TENCEL cover, our BFF is CertiPUR-US Certified.

Searching for sustainably made pillows can be tricky, especially if you’re hoping to find a pillow that is manufactured in an environmentally friendly way, uses materials that divert waste from landfills, avoids nasty chemicals and is compostable or recyclable after use. 

A pillow can contain a wide range of components and materials, and designing a sustainably made pillow that reduces our environmental footprint without impacting performance was a fundamental part of our journey. At Parallel, we’re proud to offer environmentally-friendly, sustainably made pillows that are softer, more supportive, antimicrobial, temperature neutral and recyclable/compostable.

The World’s Kindest Pillow
Kind to the Earth, to You, to Others

Our sustainable pillow characteristics inside and out are just part of what makes the Parallel Pillow the World’s Kindest Pillow. With every Parallel Pillow sold we donate a pillow to a person in need. Buy One, We Give One.



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